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I thought it was about time to share all
the music I’ve been writing…

Welcome to my music website. I’ve been teaching the piano in the West Dorset/East Devon area and running the music in Colyton Parish Church since 1990, so I thought it was about time to share all the music I’ve been writing.

The piano music is for a range of abilities. Some of it arises from a need to practise something “technical” – for example Swagger-Stick focuses on chromatic passages and Snowflakes is a black-key study (slightly easier than Chopin!). Some of the pieces were written as presents – many of them for 18th birthdays. Most of the pieces don’t have performance directions: that is to encourage discussion in lessons about how you think it should go.

The church music has developed as the need arises, and sometimes the desire to set a particular text. Younger choristers have received some of these as Christmas and birthday presents as well. The Christmas Carol Service at Colyton has always been a special occasion and I have usually written or arranged a carol each year.

None of my music is covered by the PRS, so you’re free to perform as and when you wish. The exception is if something is being used for broadcast, in which case I need to be contacted first, please. I’m always happy to hear when things are being done.

At the moment the contact form isn’t operating correctly. Contact me on nickpiano64@gmail.com 

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I’m always happy to receive commissions, so if you want something in particular please let me know. Otherwise, things will be added to the site regularly.